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55% Revenue Growth in 7 Months!

"We just lacked a lot of direction. Things have changed a lot. We have a lot better clarity between the two of us. We agree more on how to run the business, so things are going smoother that way. The biggest difference I see is just agreement on how to handle certain situations. Just overall we're just happier, we have more direction, we can work better together.

We did see a change in our statistics. We're keeping track of them much better. We have better direction on what to keep track of and the numbers just keep going up. The income is going up as well and it's just nice to be able to keep track and watch it grow.

With Matterhorn, I feel like I have someone kind of on my side.

- T.B.

The weekly time with Greg has been absolutely fantastic for both Tracy and I. We've come together on a lot of things things that we've disagreed with, or about, in the business. We've been able to come together really nicely. Our advertising, the marketing, a lot of the things that we're doing, they’ve just become a lot easier.

I would say the biggest win that we've had since working with Matterhorn is we've had our biggest year financially that we've had in my 25 years of being a chiropractor. That has just been exciting for us.