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Executive Training

When it comes to management training you must start at the top with the managers themselves. They are the ones responsible for the vision of the company and ensuring that the employees are aligned with that vision. At Matterhorn, we can help you straighten out this vision and figure out how to motivate your employees and make self-starters. We will also help plan for the future and how to execute those plans for expansion.

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Sales Training

This is where we can work over your sales team. We find that most sales reps are complaining they aren’t getting enough leads, but in actuality, they are just not closing the ones in front of them. We can help double your sales reps’ close rate. We also have online sales training for the individual sales rep.

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Administrative Training

Here is where we organize for efficiency. We will look over your workflows, whether they are software workflows or the workflows of your office, and arrange them so they are more streamlined. This means your team will get more done, while you worry less.


Profit First

As we help you grow and expand your business, we also help drive you profitability. Matterhorn is a Certified Profit First Professional Firm. We use this cash management system to help our clients become more profitable and take the stress out of managing their company’s finances.